Original Olympus E-3

Item No.: 5377

Product Description


Explanation :
Olympus E-3 parameters 
Release date; October 2007 
Body type; SLR 
Digital SLR; 4 / 3 digital SLR system 
Manual; full support for the manual 
Sensor; Live MOS 
Sensor size; 17.3 × 13.0 mm 
Description of the sensor; 1.33 aspect ratio (4:3) 
Dust Removal system; ultrasonic dust filter (SSWF: ultrasonic dust filter) 
The total number of pixels; 10,900,000 
Effective pixels; 10,000,000 
The maximum resolution; 3648 * 2736 
Image resolution; 
3648 x 2736 
3200 x 2400 
2560 x 1920 
1600 x 1200 
1280 x 960 
1024 x 768 
640 x 480 
Image processor; TruePic III 

Characteristics of the lens 
Optical zoom; 0 times 
Equivalent to the size of 35mm; 35mm film camera equivalent focal length 2.0 times the length of 
Digital zoom; 0 times 
Wide-angle lens; lens, as may be 
Focus manner; AF system: TTL difference detection system 
Focus modes: Single AF (S-AF) / Continuous AF (C-AF) / manual focus (MF) / 
S-AF + MF / C-AF + MF 
Focus on: 11:00 full two-point cross sensors 
Focus on the options: automatic choice and choose 
AF brightness range: EV -2 - 19 (at 20oC, ISO 100 hours) 
AF AF-Assist illuminator: built-in flash (also by the implementation of the dedicated external flash) 
AF lock: Single AF mode by the second half of the shutter button AEL / AFL (customizable) (via real-time view of the AEL / AFL button can be locked AF) 
Focus tracking: continuous AF mode with each other to lock 
Focus Auxiliary: Available 
Focus-assisted manner; AF-Assist illuminator 
Focus Range; as the lens may be 
Close distance; as the lens may be 
Aperture range; as the lens may be 
Zoom mode; machinery 

Screen size; 2.5 inches 
And the type of pixels; product types: HyperCrystal ultra-crystal liquid crystal display (TFT-color LCD screen through)) 
The total number of pixels: approximately 230000 pixels 
Playing field of vision: 100% 
Brightness control: 15 
LCD screen can rotate; whether 
Viewfinder; optical 
Description of the viewfinder; types of products: Eye-level single-lens reflex viewfinder 
Vision: approximately 100% 
Viewfinder magnification: about 1.15x (-1m-1, 50mm lens, infinity) 
Perspective: about 20 mm (-1m-1) 
Diopter adjustment range: -3.0 - +1 m-1 
Focusing screen: fixed (Neo Lumi-Micro Mat (ultra-bright screen Focus) 

Shutter performance 
Shutter type; focal plane electronic-shutter control, B shutter 
Shutter speed; shutter speed of 60 - 1 / 8000 second, 
(Bulb shutter: maximum of 30 minutes, 8 minutes by default) 
* 1 / 3, 1 / 2 or 1 EV step optional 

Flash Type; external 
Shoe support; is 
Flash mode; a built-in flash: scalable flash (auto-pop-type), GN = 12 (ISO 100) 
Flash control mode: TTL Auto (TTL pre-flash mode), automatic, manual 
Flash modes: automatic, red-eye reduction slow sync to reduce red-eye (No. 1 curtain), fill light, slow sync (1st-curtain), slow sync (No. 2 curtain), Manual, to close 
Flash range; synchronous speed: 1 / 250 seconds or less, the highest FP Super 1 / 8000 second 
Dimming the amendment: the largest +3 EV, 1/3EV step optional 
Surrounded by flash: 3, or 1 EV steps 0.3,0.7 optional 
Flash Index; GN = 13 (ISO 100) 

Exposure Control 
Exposure mode; (1) AUTO Automatic (2) P: program auto exposure (to carry out the procedure transform) (3) A: aperture priority auto-exposure (4) S: shutter priority auto-exposure (5) M: Manual (6) Scene program auto exposure (7) Auto exposure scene 
Exposure Compensation +5 EV (in 1 / 3, 1 / 2, 1 EV step selection) 
Metering mode; TTL open aperture metering system 
(1) Digital ESP metering (49 Division metering) 
(2) increasing the average central metering (3) Spot 
(4) high-bright spot metering 
(5) shadow Spot 
White balance; white balance modes: automatic, pre-set, one-click, custom 
Preset white balance: 7 kinds of settings (3000K - 7500K) 
White Balance compensation: each of the RB / GM axis +7 step (in the auto / pre-set / one-click white balance mode) 
Custom white balance: Kelvin temperature can be set up to register a (2000K - 14000K)) 
One-click white balance: 4 registration set 
White Balance Bracketing: 3 in each RB / GM axis optional step 2/4/6 
Sensitivity; Auto (auto, program AE, aperture priority AE, programmed scene AE, scene selection when the AE can be automatic, was inspired flash) / Manual (ISO 100-3200) (1 EV step) 
High Sensitivity; is 

Shooting performance 
Anti-shake performance; Optical Anti-Shake 
Scene mode; portrait, landscape, commemorative photography, night, night + portrait, children, sports, the key light, dark keys, digital anti-shake mode, macro shooting, natural Macro, candlelight, sunset, fireworks, paper, panoramic Shooting ( Olympus use xD-Picture Card when available), Beach & Snow 
Self-support functions 
12 seconds, 2 seconds (cancel) 
Continuous function; support 
The largest 5 / s, [RAW]: 16 increase, [JPEG]: According to the decision of pixels and compression ratio, (HQ mode: Olympus standard testing conditions, the use of SanDisk Extreme III memory cards up to a maximum capacity) 
Short film; does not support 
MPEG-4 video recording; does not support 
Recording / audio system; does not support 
Shooting mode; single shot, continuous shooting, self-timer, remote control 
Continuous shooting can be the greatest record of the image: [RAW]: 16 increase 
[JPEG]: According to the compression ratio and pixel decision 
(HQ mode: Olympus standard testing conditions, the use of SanDisk Extreme III memory cards up to a maximum capacity) 
Model-definition model: a clear, natural, soft, monochromatic (the default setting: Natural) 
Adjust parameters: contrast, clarity and the level of saturation for vivid, natural or soft mode for 5-conditioning 
Contrast and clarity about the level of monochrome mode for 5-conditioning 
Filter effects: black and white mode settings can be yellow, orange, purple or green filter
Screen colors: black and white pattern on the set of brown, blue, green or purple hue 

Operation function 
Language menu; Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean 
Print mode; PictBridge 
The ability to edit; RAW image editing: RAW Editor 
JPEG Editor: black, brown, red-eye reduction saturation (color depth), adjust the size (generation to another file) 
Play mode playback modes: single deputy, the index (4/9/16/25 frame), calendar, close-up (2 - 14x), slides, screen rotation (automatic mode available) 
Information: Histogram (independent brightness / RGB available), 
Highlight / shadow at the police, AF frame, shooting, shut down 
To delete a single image mode, all images, selected images (with protection) 

Storage performance 
The type of memory card; CompactFlash Type I / II, Microdrive, xD-Picture Card (dual slot) 
File formats; DCF, DPOF compatible / Exif, PRINT Image Matching III 

Interface Performance 
Data interface; USB2.0 
Video interface; NTSC / PAL optional 

Battery performance 
The type of battery; dedicated lithium battery BLM-1 1500 mAh 
External power supply; optional external power adapter 
Endurance; about 610 times shooting (optical viewfinder) 
(CIPA testing standards in the use of BLM-1) 

Design; black 
Lightweight body; not 
Ultra-thin fashion; whether 
Large-screen LCD; whether 

Other properties 
Size; 142.5 mm (W) x 116.5 mm (H) x74.5mm (D) (not including some prominent) 
The weight of the product; about 810 grams (body only) 
Other properties; remote control: to buy additional RM-1 (can take control of the door B) 
Shutter line: to buy additional RM-CB1 (can take control of the door B) 
Earthquake model: available (from 1-30 seconds optional) 
Other characteristics; real-time viewfinder: 
LiveMOS sensor applications, 
100% field of vision scope, 
TTL auto exposure adjustment, 
Preview to adjust white balance, 
Can be MF / S-AF, 
7x/10x achievable magnification 
: Grid line display, AF frame display, AF point display, shooting information, exposure analysis, IS Mode 
Image stabilization 
Type: built-in (mobile image sensor type image stabilization system) 
: Mode: 2 modes (I.S. 1, I.S. 2) 
: Effective remedy: the largest 5 EV steps (depending on the type of lens and shooting conditions) 

Depth of field preview: available (when the Fn key is set to preview mode), from the optical viewfinder or LCD screen installed at the rear of selection 

Random Annex; USB cable, video cable, lithium-ion battery (BLM-1), lithium-ion battery charger, strap, Olympus Master 1.1, CD-ROM, use the guide, warranty card 
Random software; driver, Olympus Master